Consumption patterns

Electricity consumption patterns greatly influence the selection of electricity sources [Klein and Whalley, 2015], which can be more clearly illustrated through  the figure below and thee natural energy resource maps, which illustrates the complexity thereof and the practical considerations. An example of this can be illustrated by a demand by an industry in Gauteng, whereby the only possible electricity generation source might be in another province. Therefore, given our current circumstances with the state-owned power utility, Eskom, being the owner of the transmission network, the entities are reliant on the respective electrical network infrastructure.

Figure: Mapping the demand balance up to 2040 [Eskom, 2015a]


Eskom (2015a) Transmission Development Plan, Eskom,

Klein, S.J.W. & Whalley, S. (2015), ‘Comparing the sustainability of U.S. electricity options through multi-criteria decision analysis’, Energy Policy 79 April:127-149